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Events 2020

9-10 January 2020

Annual Fellows’ Meeting and Training Summit / Genetics Training Day – *FULLY BOOKED*


The BGCS would like to invite all subspecialty registrars, specialty registrars and fellows with an interest in gynaecological oncology to the Annual Fellow’s Meeting on 10th January 2020 at St Peter’s College Oxford....

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10 January 2020

Ovarian cancer: Current best practice

Royal Society of Medicine, London

Join us as we discuss and update the most current topics in the diagnosis and management of ovarian cancer from both a clinical and scientific perspective....

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16-18 March 2020

Advanced MIS Abdominal, Pelvic & Pelvic Floor Surgical Female Cadaveric Hands-on Course


A unique opportunity for pelvic surgeons to understand the anatomy of the deep pelvis simulating the operating theatre environment with fresh frozen cadavers and advanced laparoscopic equipment including 3D Laparoscopic & Robotic technology . ...

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1 May 2020

Vulvar Neoplasia Study Day


Join us in Birmingham for our vulvar neoplasia study day. The faculty features international speakers experienced in managing women with vulvar neoplasia. ...

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14 May 2020

Care of the Critically Ill Surgical Patient (CCrISP®)


In conjunction with the Royal College of Surgeons, we would like to invite you to the CCrISP® course - A two day interactive course that will focus on developing the practical, theoretical and personal skills necessary for the care of the critically ill surgical patient. ...

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16 October 2020

Personalising Endometrial Cancer Follow-up

Virtual Meeting

Clinicians, nurses, healthcare professionals & stakeholders invited to explore patient management & personalised follow-up schemes, national risk-stratified follow-up schemes, bespoke survivorship programmes & nursing training/support...

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16 November 2020

The Royal Marsden Gynaecological Cancer Study Day


This programme will be educational and empowering. The day will consolidate and build on your existing knowledge when caring for this complex group of women...

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