Guidelines and recent publications

The BGCS has now developed the new Cervix and Vulva cancer guidelines. They are currently with the officers and are anticipated to be shared with the BGCS membership shortly.

We plan an update of the Endometrial cancer guidelines by the end of 2019 and  an update of the Ovarian cancer guidelines in 2020.

The society has also launched the first Sentinel LN consensus document available here which is planned to be also submitted in a peer reviewed journal.

View Uterine Cancer Guidelines

View Ovarian Cancer Guidelines

NCRAS cervical cancer radical hysterectomy analysis

Please see the executive summary paper from NCRAS summarising the findings of the analysis of MAS v open radical hysterectomy in England for cervical cancer 2013-16. The BGCS guidance statements for professionals and the public are also posted on this site. A formal peer review publication by NCRAS and BGCS officers will follow in due course.

View NCRAS summary paper
View BGCS professionals statement
View BGCS lay statement

Consensus document on risk stratified follow up pathways in the management of ovarian, cervical, endometrial and vulval malignancies

The BGCS is pleased to present a consensus document on risk-stratified follow-up pathways in the management of ovarian, cervical, endometrial and vulval malignancies. The statement reflects an analysis of the published evidence assessing the evidence for modernised, alternative follow-up strategies, combined with review of expert opinion and experience, in order to achieve specialist consensus. The statement will inform forthcoming BGCS clinical guidelines for the management of these diseases, and we hope that they will also inform future NHS England Specialist Commissioning specifications and commissioning guidelines from the NHS in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

We would like to thank the specialist working group for the time and effort which went into developing this document, and particularly Christina Fotopoulou, Chair of the BGCS Guidelines Subgroup for leading the process.

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Sudha Sundar, BGCS President
Andy Nordin
, BGCS Past President