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Charities and Supporting Patients

The BGCS has a strong connection with the third sector, we believe that our links with the organisations that support our patients with us can and do provide us with different perspectives on hearing their voices.

The BGCS has a strong connection with the third sector, we believe that our links with the organisations that support our patients with us can and do provide us with different perspectives on hearing their voices. We know that PPI involvement early on for all projects, research, treatment planning, information provision makes a positive difference.

We work with all the charities listed below and would welcome introductions to any others you feel appropriate.

Tracie Miles RGN, PhD

British Gynaecology Cancer Society Charities Liaision Council Member


Cancer Research UK
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The Eve Appeal
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Jo's cervical cancer trust
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Jos cervical cancer trust

Information and support for everyone affected by cervical cancer

Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust

We are the UK’s leading cervical cancer charity. If you or your patients have questions or concerns about HPV, the HPV vaccine, cervical screening (a smear test), cell changes or cervical cancer, our information and support services can help by providing accurate information and someone to listen.

Due to closure of the Jo’s Cervical Trust with effect from 23/05/2024 – 15:46, the provision of services, including the telephone helpline, the online forum, engagement activities and all other activities have ceased due to financial challenges. The  website with information is still available.


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Ovacome is the national UK ovarian cancer charity focused on providing support to anyone affected by ovarian cancer. This includes women who have either been diagnosed with the disease or think that they might be at risk, as well as their friends, family and healthcare professionals.

We are a strong community of many thousands of people, all working together with the aim of reducing isolation, sharing information, promoting knowledge and supporting anyone affected by ovarian cancer.

Visit our website www.ovacome.org.uk for more information, or call 0800 008 7054.

Ovarian Cancer Action
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OCA LOGO (320 AND 241)

Ovarian Cancer Action was founded in 2005 to fund research into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of ovarian cancer. The Ovarian Cancer Action Research Centre was opened a year later and the charity has since invested more than £11.4 million in research at the Centre and other institutions, more than any other ovarian cancer charity.

Ovarian Cancer Action also works to raise awareness of the condition amongst the general public and GPs, including improving access to genetic testing, and campaigning for change with the government.

For more information please visit our website.

Macmillan Cancer Support
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We’re here to help everyone with cancer live life as fully as they can, providing physical, financial and emotional support. So whatever cancer throws your way, we’re right there with you.

Our free, confidential phone line is open 7 days a week, 8am to 8pm.

Our cancer support specialists can:

  • help with any medical questions you have about cancer or your treatment
  • help you access benefits and give you financial guidance
  • be there to listen if you need someone to talk to
  • tell you about services that can help you in your area.

About our information
We provide expert, up-to-date information about cancer. And all our information is free for everyone. You can visit the website by clicking the above link  or call us on 0808 808 00 00 to order.

We have booklets about different cancer types, treatments and side effects. We also have information about work, financial issues, diet, life after cancer treatment and information for carers, family and friends.

All our information is also available online at www.macmillan. org.uk/information-and-support. You can also find videos featuring stories from people affected by cancer, and information from health and social care professionals.

We also provide information in different languages and formats, including:

  • audiobooks
  • Braille
  • British Sign Language
  • easy read booklets
  • eBooks
  • large print

Find out more at www.macmillan.org.uk/otherformats

GO Girls
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GO Girls is a national charity supporting women with gynaecological cancers as well as campaigning to raise awareness of these cancers.  GO Girls recognise that managing any cancer is difficult. This is particularly so in gynaecological cancers where survival, particularly, in ovarian cancer is poor and has not improved significantly for many years. We offer a private online chat support group where many women find value in seeking peer to peer support. We work closely with all charities in this sector believing a co-ordinated and co-joined approach is essential to facilitating change in an area of health that has remained notoriously under-funded and has often been shrouded in taboos.  We are supported by an eminent number of clinical professionals who are pioneers in this area of health. E: hello@gogirlssupport.org W: www.gogirlssupport.org T: @GOGirls2015 Instagram: gogirls.charity

Target Ovarian Cancer
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Target Ovarian Cancer

Target Ovarian Cancer is the UK’s leading ovarian cancer charity. We work to improve early diagnosis, fund life-saving research and provide much-needed support to women with ovarian cancer. We’re the only ovarian cancer charity working across all four nations of the UK, and are proud to be jointly funding the ovarian cancer audit feasibility pilot alongside the BGCS.