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Research Studies

COVID19 Survey of Gynae-oncology Centres and Units

Dear Colleague

We would be grateful if you could answer the following short survey to try and ascertain the impact of COVID19 on Gynaecological Cancer Services. This is to gain a ‘snapshot’ – appreciating that the impact is likely to vary throughout regions.

Also, a new study UKCOGS (UK COvid and Gynaecological Cancer Study) is commencing intending to have a dataset of patients from 1 March – 1st Sept [and possibly longer] capturing information on patient care, outcomes and altered pathways. More details will follow soon.

It’s important we all gain as much information as possible during this challenging and unique time.

These data will inform UKCOGS and may be used in a publication. All Contributing centres will be acknowledged.


Many thanks for your collaboration.

The survey will close on Wednesday 13th May.

Sadaf Ghaem- Maghami
Sean Kehoe
Ranjit Manchanda

Welcome Letter
UKCOGS Protocol
UKCOGS Dataset
Barts Health Letter of support
Flow Chart – Site Activation

Invitation to join UK Covid and Gynaecological Cancer Study

Dear Colleagues,

The current COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented changes to the way gynaecological cancer treatment is delivered in the UK. Many aspects of the patient pathway are affected, and treatments prioritised/modified. The way we work has changed very quickly.

UK Covid and Gynaecological Cancer Study (UKCOGS) is being launched today as a multi-phased study of recording and assessing changes and outcomes in patient care across the whole of patient pathway and within the multi-disciplinary team context. The situation we are in is unique, and there is an onus on us all to try and gain insight into the extent of the impact on patients’ care and outcomes.

This is an important study and for it to be successful we need widespread engagement and support. We invite all centres and units who treat gynaecological cancers to take part in this important study.

Phase-1 is classed as an audit and is implementable straight away. We aim to gather some baseline data around treatment decision making, outcomes through a one-page data collection sheet. We would like you to fill this for each patient discussed at your MDT. You will be provided data collection proforma and access to an IG-tool kit compliant online database (REDCap) for entering data.

Aspects of this study in Phase-2 and Phase-3 will need ethics approval and will be undertaken once this has been obtained.

The study is endorsed and supported by the BGCS, RCOG, NCRI Gynaecological Cancers CSG, and Gynaecological cancer charities Ovacome, The Eve Appeal, Target Ovarian Cancer, Jo’s Trust, Ovarian Cancer Action and GO Girls.

We invite expressions of interest from all centres and units. If you are willing to collaborate and participate in this please fill in the attached form and email it to the UKCOGS team at

All centres/units who enter patients will be recognised in any publication that arise from this work.

An invitation letter and expression of interest form can be found below.

We hope you will become involved.

Kind regards

UKCOGS co-Leads
Prof Ranjit Manchanda
Prof Sadaf Ghaem-Maghami
Prof Sean Kehoe

UKCOGS Launch letter
UKCOGS Expression of interest form