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COVID19 Resources

BGCS RCOG framework for care of patients with gynaecological cancer during the COVID-19 Pandemic
5 May 2020

The BGCS has produced this framework for the care of women with gynaecological cancer during the COVID 19 pandemic.  

The document was produced by a multidisciplinary team comprising gynaecological oncologists, clinical oncologists, medical oncologists and clinical nurse specialists.  

BGCS working group on COVID 19:

Chair – Sudha Sundar 

Team – Nick Wood, Sadaf Ghaem-Maghami, Christina Fotopoulou, Jo Morrison, Rick Clayton, Jonathan Ledermann, Aggie Michael, Andy Nordin, Rebecca Bowen, Sarah Williams, Alex Taylor, Dennis Yiannakis, Bruce Ramsay, Hilary Maxwell, Tracie Miles. 

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BGCS Recommendations for management of women with gynaecological cancer who have received non-standard care during the COVID-19 pandemic
11 July 2021

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RCOG BSGE BGCS guidance on Abnormal uterine bleeding in the COVID-19 pandemic
30 March 2020

The guidance encompasses commissioners, primary care and secondary care.

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British Association of Surgical Oncology (BASO)
9 April 2020

The Association for Cancer Surgery is the association that speaks as an umbrella organisation for surgical specialties treating people with malignant disease.  The BGCS has endorsed the document  BASO Guidance – Strategy for Cancer Surgery sustainability and recovery in the COVID 19 pandemic.

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