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The British Association of Gynaecological Pathologists was founded in 2004 with the aims of advancing the knowledge and practice of gynaecological pathology and improving the accuracy of pathological diagnosis, and overall to promote the health of women through study of the pathology of gynaecological diseases.

The British Association of Gynaecological Pathologists
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This Association currently has approximately 250 members from the UK and overseas. We offer a range of educational activities through the year as well as online resources aiming to raise the standard of gynaecological pathology reporting.

Visit our website https://www.thebagp.org for more information.

Other useful links: The Royal College of Pathologists:


The International Society of Gynecological Pathology: http://www.isgyp.org

The International Collaboration on Cancer Reporting: http://www.iccr-cancer.org


BAGP Guidance documents

  • 2018 FIGO Staging System for Cervical cancer: Summary and comparison with 2009 FIGO Staging System Download
  • Recommended Terminology for Reporting Mismatch Repair Protein Immunohistochemistry with or without MLH1 Promoter Methylation Results Download
  • SNOMED CT codes for gynaecological neoplasms Download
  • Interpretation of p53 Immunohistochemistry In Tubo-Ovarian Carcinoma: Guidelines for Reporting Download
  • Interpretation of p16 Immunohistochemistry In Lower Anogenital Tract Neoplasia Download

ICCR Gynaecological Cancer datasets

  • Carcinoma of the cervix – Histopathology Reporting Guide Download
  • Endometrial cancer Histopathology Reporting Guide Download
  • Ovary, fallopian tube, and primary peritoneal carcinoma Histopathology Reporting Guide Download

RC Path datasets for gynaecological cancer

  • Datasets for the histopathological reporting of vulval neoplasms  (3rd edition) Download
  • Dataset for histological reporting of cervical neoplasia (3rd edition) Download
  • Datasets for the histopathological reporting of  neoplasms of the ovaries and fallopian tubes  and primary carcinomas of the peritoneum (3rd edition) Download
  • Dataset for histological reporting of endometrial cancer Download
  • Dataset for histopathological reporting of uterine sarcomas Download
  • Tissue pathways for gynaecological pathology Download