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POLE testing in endometrial cancer Zoom webinar 20th July 2022

20th July 2022 | Virtual

It is a pleasure to announce an evening seminar organised by Central and South Genomic Laboratory Hub and supported by the British Association of Gynaecological Pathologists and the British Gynaecological Cancer Society. This is a virtual meeting via Zoom webinar mode which allows up to 500 attendees. We will be recording the entire seminar and it will be made available on the website of all the organisations. The seminar is free to register. We will take registrations by email to Elen.Ashmore@uhb.nhs.uk with the subject line ‘registration for POLE seminar’. You will be sent a link for action.

The seminar is aimed at clinicians, pathologists, scientists and geneticists and follows on from the incorporation of POLE testing for endometrial cancers becoming available in the genomics test directory and the BAGP-BGCS POLE testing guidance. The programme is attached for your consideration.

We look forward to seeing you at the seminar.

Best wishes,

Raji Ganesan 
Matthew Evans 

Download Programme