Cadaveric Dissecting Course for Gynaecological Oncologists

21st - 23rd March 2016 | London

This 10th Annual Cadaveric Dissecting Course for Gynaecological Oncologists will maximise the delegates’ time for supervised dissection of the abdomen and pelvis with lectures and demonstrations each day. The cadavers are soft-fixed (“floppy”) which provide for dissection much closer to in vivo conditions than the traditional formalin-fixed cadavers. The emphasis is on surgical anatomy and surgical technique applicable to gynaecology oncology with the cadavers “operated on” rather than “dissected”.

Aimed at: Gynaecological Oncology Fellows and Consultants

Delegates: (for 5 cadavers)
– Two dissecting delegates per cadaver
– One non-dissecting delegate per cadaver
(maximum number of delegates = 15)

Course Costs (3 days)
Dissecting delegates: £750; Non-dissecting delegates: £500
Costs include: lunch and refreshments for 3 days and one evening reception

Course Organiser: Mr Des Barton, Consultant Gynaecological Oncologist
Tel: 0208 725 0188: