2019 Awards, Grants, Prize winners

05 January 2020

The BGCS Trustees are happy to announce the prize/award winners for 2019.

Hilary Maxwell
CNS Dorset County Hospital and Chair of GO Girls Charity
£1000 BGCS Nurse and Allied Health Practitioner Travelling Fellowship

‘To attend a London Teaching Hospital to explore methods for dealing with the longer term consequences of ovarian cancer diagnosis and treatment, in particular concentrating on the unmet psychological needs.  The aim of the fellowship is to support future service development in my own unit’

Fani Kokka
Consultant in Gynaecological Oncology
East Kent Gynaecological Oncology Centre
Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Hospital
£1000 BGCS Surgical Travelling Fellowship

‘To attend the Gynaecological Oncology Center at Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital to observe practice in the management of advanced ovarian cancer and the technique of sentinel lymph node biopsy in the management of endometrial and cervical cancer.’

 Nilab Asifi
4th Year Medical Student
Queen’s University Belfast
£100 Medical Student Project Prize

Natasha White
Intercalating Medical Student
Queen’s University Belfast
£100 Medical Student Project Prize

‘Completed a clinical research project involving a retrospective review of secondary cytoreductive surgery for recurrent ovarian cancer.  This was presented at a Hospital Audit Meeting and as an oral presentation at the BGCS Annual Scientific Meeting 2019, Cambridge.  Both applicants contributed equally and significantly to this project during their special studies module in gynaecological oncology.’